10 Simple things you can do today for better oral hygiene

10 Simple things you can do today for better oral hygiene

A great smile isn’t just a way to make new friends; it also shows off your pearly whites! But having good oral hygiene is more than having great looking teeth. Maintaining good oral health helps to prevent dental and medical diseases such as gum disease, jaw bone loss, and even heart disease. Here are 10 simple things you can do for better oral hygiene.


Tip #1 – brush properly

This is the most basic step to maintaining clean, healthy teeth. Place the bristles at a 45 degree angle near the gum line and brush up and down, then back and forth, gently for both the front and back of your teeth. Try to brush at least twice a day, but if you cannot, rinse your mouth with water after eating.


Tip #2 – brush your tongue

Who says brushing is just for teeth? Most of the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath is actually on your tongue. Some toothbrushes have tongue cleaners on them. Tongue scrapers and tongue brushes are also available and easy to use.


Tip #3 – floss daily

Flossing helps to remove food and plaque between your teeth that brushing cannot reach. The old saying of Floss only the teeth you want to keep is so true.

Tip #4 – use mouthwash

The right mouthwash can help remove bacteria that can harm your teeth and gums. Look for one that is alcohol free.


Tip #5 – avoid soft drinks and alcohol

These drinks are filled with sugar. Sugar is the food that the bacteria in your mouth eat to cause tooth decay.


Tip #6 – quit smoking

This helps prevent the onset of oral cancer and stops you from eating sugary treats when trying to mask the smell of your breath. People who smoke are also seven times more likely to suffer from periodontal disease.


Tip #7 – eat a well-balanced diet

Drinking milk and eating lots of fruits and vegetables increases the amount of minerals and vitamins you need to stay healthy.


Tip #8 – see the whole picture

Your oral hygiene often indicates the state of your overall health. Make sure you get regular exercise and plenty of sleep for better general health.


Tip #9 – say no to pain

If you experience any pain, unusual smells or swelling in your mouth, see your dentist right away.


Tip #10 – visit your dentist regularly

You never know when dental problems may occur. By seeing your dentist twice a year for regular check-ups, you can address any small problems before they become larger ones.

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