Same Day Crowns Planmeca CAD CAM system

At Castle Dental, we are very excited to offer the latest in digital technology for same day porcelain crowns with the Planmeca Emerald System. With the latest in CAD CAM 3D technology, crowns, veneers, onlays are able to be designed in front of your eyes. Computer Assisted Design helps create strong lasting restorations. Our in house mill is able to then mill porcelain crowns all on the same visit. By using this technology we are able to provide more accurate, custom-fitted restorations faster. 

The benefits for using this same day crown technology are:

Saves you time

  • Previously crowns were made externally in a laboratory waiting for weeks to be made. Now they are done on the same day in one appointment.

No more temporary crowns 

  • Temporary crowns break and debond and are a general nusiance. Now that your restorations are milled on the same day there is no need for temporary crowns

No more impressions

  • In addition to no more temporary crowns, one of the benefits is no more taking of impressions to make the crown. Waiting for goop to set in your mouth for 5 minutes is not anyone’s idea of fun. With CAD CAM Same Day Crown there is no more goop in the mouth and waiting for the impression to set. Instead, your teeth are scanned into the computer and we design the restoration in the computer.

Quality Control of Same Day Crowns

  • Using the Planmeca Cad Cam system we are able to mill your crown, veneer or onlay in house. Therefore, we do not use external outsourcing of work. Your crowns are not made overseas. You can actually see the restoration being made in front of you. Therefore, crowns are made with computer precision and offer a snug fit.
Same Day Crowns System
Planmeca Scan Design Mill System for Same Day Crowns

For further information on the Planmeca Cad Cam System for making Same Day Crowns, onlays and veneers