Bad Breath Cures

Solutions and bad breath cures

At the Fresh Breath Dentist we have the Oral Chroma machine. The Oral Chroma machine is an Australian invention and there are only a dozen or so of these machines in Australia. We are very proud to be able to offer this service to you. The machine measures the gases that cause bad breath. As each cause of bad breath produces a specific foul smelling gas. We are able to identify the cause of the bad breath and therefore freshen your breath with our selection of bad breath cures.

The treatments we offer will be based on the analysis of the machine. In addition we will undertake other tests which help to quantify lifestyle factors and help to address these as well.

Plaque build up:

  • Solutions for plaque build up revolve around removal of plaque and the keeping the plaque off. Many people ask if mouthrinses remove plaque. However, they do not remove the plaque. It is like removing a film of mould with soapy water. You still need to scrub it off. Same as with plaque. Mouthrinses are useful however, in delaying build up of plaque from a clean surface.
  • Plaque that is found on the tongue can be removed with tongue scrappers.
  • Tartar build up needs to be removed professionally.
  • Food traps and old failing dental work which lead to plaque accumulation need to be fixed up as well to stop bad breath.
  • We will give you tips and tricks on brushing and flossing so that as much plaque can be removed.


  • For bad breath caused by abscesses we can treat these teeth. There are a range of options available to you and we will discuss all the options and their pros and cons so that you can decide what is best for you.
  • For gum infections a course of gum treatment can be done. Regular routine cleans are then advised to maintain fresh breath

Nasal and throat issues:

  • A multifaceted approach maybe required including mouthwashes, probiotics, gums, lozenges and nasal washes to solve and remove nasal and throat problems.

Dry mouth:

  • Saliva testing will measure the quality and quantity of saliva produced. Once we have the results of the tests we can suggest ways to decrease dry mouth.

External and lifestyle factors:

  • If Foods and lifestyle habits cannot be removed lozenges can be taken to freshen breath temporarily.
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