K Force Products

We have a comprehensive range of K Force products to combat bad breath.

Comprehensive K Force products detox kit

The K Force detox kit is for those suffering from bad breath. We recommend the detox kit for people who have had long suffering bad breath and have come to see us for the first time. It consists of a 10 day detox program, followed by a month of product to prevent bad breath from recurring.

The Kit contains

  • K Force balance rinse
  • Toothpaste
  • Tongue gel
  • Tongue cleaner
  • K Force BLIS K-12 lozenges

K Force toothpaste is a fluoride toothpaste which does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is the detergent and foaming agent used in commercial toothpastes. This has been removed so that you can feel the cleanliness after brushing

K Force tongue gel is used along with the tongue cleaner to remove plaque build-up on your tongue


Sinoclear is a nasal spray designed for post nasal drips and sinusitis. It is non-steroidal. Out of all the products on the market we have tried we feel this is the best. Along with Tongue Gel and BLIS K-12 forms part of the treatment for bad breath caused by nasal drips and sinusitis.

K Force boosters

Breath mints with xylitol, to quickly freshen your breath. These are part of the oral hygiene packs we give out after a scale and clean.

K Force Dryguard chewing gum

The K Force Dryguard chewing gum was developed by Dr. Stephen Hsu at Georgia Health Sciences University. Like all chewing gums this gum stimulates saliva to lubricate your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth. This in itself helps to fight against decay and bad breath. The K Force Dryguard

chewing gum is particularly useful for people who suffer from bad breath caused by dry mouth. This chewing gumcontains catechins (EGCG) in green tea that has been found to stimulate 3.8x more resting saliva then compared with standard sugar free chewing gums.


K Force BLIS K-12 lozenges

A natural probiotic for your mouth and tongue. BLIS K-12 is a naturally occurring probiotic in 2% of the population. It has demonstrated abilities to

  1. Slow the onset of bacteria that cause bad breath
  2. There are reports that BLIS K-12 has anti cold and flu properties




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