Teenagers and Children’s Dentistry

Yes we see kids!

At Castle Dental we are a family orientated practice. Our dentists are more than happy to see your kids, your teenagers even your kid’s kids. We specifically designed our practice for children’s dentistry. We have a kids corner for the kids to relax and play in while they wait for their turn or wait for mum and dad to finish their dental treatment.

There is no gap dental treatment for under 18 year olds who are eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

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Children’s Dentistry – How we deal with nervous and anxious kids


Children’s Dentistry has changed a lot in the past few decades. At the core of this is education. At every checkup we ask kids how they brush their teeth, give them tips on improvement and then ask them to show us again. We then follow up at their next checkup to make sure that they have mastered cleaning their teeth. Good habits start young. Long term bad habits are hard to change.


We encourage all everyone to come in regularly. The benefits of regular checkups are long term as well as short term. For children it is even more important than regular checkups. It is to demonstrate that there is nothing scary about the dentist. There is nothing to fear at the dentist. Coming regularly gives kids a chance to get use to the surroundings so that if an emergency does occur children are calm, comfortable and composed with the environment they are in. Ken commonly asks his patients for parenting tips for caring his little baby daughter. The most common answer is routine and getting babies into routines. He finds it particularly peculiar that this is the same for teeth and setting kids up for a lifetime of good oral care.

If you have any questions on dental topics that relate to babies, infants and children can be found in our FAQ section.

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