Orthodontics – Braces

At Castle Dental, we offer a range of orthodontic options to straighten teeth. Dr. Ken has attended extra training with the University of Sydney to provide orthodontic care for you and your family. Whether it is comprehensive orthodontic treatment or cosmetic teeth alignment we are able to provide a number of options to suit you.

Some of the factors which may determine what orthodontic tooth movement system is best for you may include:

  • willingness to have braces and the look of braces
  • time available prior to needing treatment to be finished
  • ability to be able to clean teeth and appliances
  • cost
  • compliance with wearing removable orthodontic devices

Teeth movement – Orthodontic Options

Some of the options available include

1. Braces

Advantages of traditional braces include less breakages of compared to ceramic brackets, comprehensive treatment, teeth moving all the time
Disadvantages – aesthetics

Braces using “Clear” or Ceramic brackets

Advantages of Ceramic braces more aesthetic than traditional braces, comprehensive treatment
Disadvantages include the brackets tend to need to be replaced more often due to breakages

2. Clear Aligner systems including Invisalign or Clearcorrect

Pros for clear aligner systems include the fact that they are more aesthetic than braces. The biggest advantage is that they are removable.
Cons for these systems are that the teeth only move when the aligner is in the mouth. So they generally take longer than braces. They are also more expensive than braces.

3. Simple removable cosmetic aligners such as the Inman aligner

Pros are that the inman aligner is fast, cheaper, cosmetic result only, removable.
The main con is that the aligner is not comprehensive, only moves front 4 teeth and mostly only tilts or tips teeth.

Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what your needs are will depend on what is the best for you.

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