Straighten Teeth without Braces

Straighten teeth without braces – Introducing the Inman Aligner

At Castle Dental, we offer the Inman Aligner to move teeth and improve smiles. It is a game changer in orthodontics. We can now straighten teeth without braces. It is an alternative to conventional orthodontics or clear braces. It has the ability to quickly and safely move teeth to achieve a bright and brand new smile.


There are a few benefits of the Inman Aligner compared to other orthodontic treatments. These include:

bullet-pt-2 The appliance is removable. This means that you are able to take it out for important work meetings and eating. This makes teeth easier to clean and there is no need to change your diet during treatment. The aligner needs to be worn for 16-20 hours a day

bullet-pt-2 Treatment times are much quicker compared to braces and invisalign. Most cases are completed between 6-16 weeks.

bullet-pt-2 The cost is a lot cheaper than braces or invisalign because treatment times are reduced.

bullet-pt-2 Can be used to move both upper and lower front teeth.


The Inman Aligner is perfect for:

  • relapse and tooth movement after previous orthodontics
  • straighten teeth without braces
  • mild crowding in the front teeth
  • rotated front teeth
  • tilted teeth
  • as a part of a multi-step approach to improve smiles with whitening and bonding
  • Pre-alignment of teeth so that other cosmetic procedures are less invasive. Procedures such as veneers are then easier to prepare and increase longevity.

This type of treatment is not suitable for:

  • changing bites
  • is unable to move back teeth
  • teeth problems caused by skeletal causes

How it works

The appliance contains two aligner bows with springs. These bows push the teeth into the desired position gently and safely.One bow pushes forwards, while the other pushes back. This allows the teeth to move and tilt into the correct position.

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Suitability can be determined with a quick consultation.

Inman Aligner fixing minor teeth crowding