Teeth whitening

Many of our patients ask us about teeth whitening and the whitening options available to them. As a general guide there are two ways to whiten your teeth professionally. At Castle Dental in Brisbane we offer both teeth whitening systems.

In-office Teeth Whitening

For instant teeth whitening we use the Zoom Whitening System. This involves teeth whitening in the dental chair. This process usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. In office whitening will give you the instant whitening effect. It involves highly concentrated whitening gel placed on the teeth with the use of an energy source (LED) to accelerate the whitening process. Zoom Whitening will give you the instant “wow” effect.

We use the new and advanced version of the ZoomTM Power office whitening system. It produces some great instant results. Due to advances in technology ZoomTM minimises the causes of sensitivity and side effects. At the same time it produces some pretty amazing results.

Due to the speed of whitening, it does have side effects. These include post whitening tooth sensitivity (for about 48 hours), initial burning of the gum.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Visit our before and after gallery

Take home Teeth Whitening

Whilst we as a practice believe in giving you options to best fit your needs we believe that if you have the time, take home bleaching is always the safest and most side-effect free of the two techniques. Take home teeth whitening results will also last much longer than any in-office bleaching on the market (this is a claim backed by the latest research). Also you are in control when undertaking the course of whitening. We use 10% Carbamide Peroxide for take home whitening as studies have shown that this is the safest concentration of whitening whilst producing the best results.

Actual results for teeth whitening will vary case by case but see our gallery for some typical results.

Some things to keep in mind prior to teeth whitening

  • Fillings will not whiten and may need to be changed to match the colour of teeth after whitening. This means that old fillings may need to be replaced to match the new colour of the teeth.
  • If the colour on your teeth is caused by tetracycline antibiotics or from “chalky teeth” from early childhood, a whitening result will take much longer

Feel free to ask our staff what they feel is the best whitening system. They have had personal experience with both whitening systems.