The Wand – painless injection system

The Wand – The answer for needlephobic patients

The most common form of dental anxiety is from pain. Tooth pain and also pain from injections. As our patients know, at Castle Dental we continually search from ways to provide better service and more comfortable treatment. For dental injections the solution is in the Single Tooth Anaesthesia System known as “the Wand.” The wand eliminates painful injections.

What is it?

The Wand is a computerised system for delivering local anaesthetic. The delivery of the anaesthetic is through a wand shaped device. It is able to numb a single tooth in the mouth. The STA is able to numb teeth without numbing the lip or the side of the face.

Most people think that the pain from injections is from the needle going through the skin. The sting is actually from injecting too quickly. With the system, the computer takes care of this so there is no pain and no conventional long scary needle.

What does it do?

The STA system delivers local anaesthetic with a wand rather than a needle.

How does it do it?

Through a very smart piece of technology the STA wand is able to give the anaesthetic between the tooth and the gum. This means that the lips are not numb as the whole nerve does not need to be numb

What it Looks Like?

The whole system is basically a small computer with a pen shaped delivery system.

To use it Dr Ken and Dr Ash hold it like a pen.

painless injections with the wand

The HUGE Advantages over needles

  • Pain free injection!
  • No numb lips and no prolonged numbness to the face
  • Single tooth anaesthesia so you don’t have to have your whole face numb
  • Great for needlephobic patients as there is no needle just the wand
  • No scary long needle


  • Takes a long time to get the person numb as it is slow to deliver anaesthetic
  • The system is not as effective for people with thick strong bone
  • The wand does cost more than a traditional syringe and needle due to the use of a computer and a patented anaesthetic delivery system